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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

As modular kitchen is a fairly new concept for many people, this section answers their queries and helps them choose the best design for their contemporary kitchens. The questions are answered to cover the many queries that frequently arise while opting for modular kitchen designs. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

Question: 01?
What is the concept of Modular Kitchen?

Question: 02?
What are the benefits of installing a modular kitchen?

Question: 03?
How to customize a modular kitchen as per requirements?

Question: 04?
Which is better: Branded Modular Kitchen or carpenter-made kitchen?

Question: 05?
What is the cost of getting Modular Kitchen?

Question: 06?
How much time is required for installing modular kitchen?

Question: 07?
How should one maintain a modular kitchen?

Question: 08?
How to assure working of modular kitchen appliances?

Question 01: What is the concept of Modular Kitchen?
Answer 01: Modular Kitchen refers to a specific design of kitchen, which is highly functional and aesthetic at the same time. Replete with a range of facilities, a modular kitchen is fitted with different accessories that enhance the ambiance of the place. The popularity of modular kitchen is increasing as it offers a number of benefits like excessive storage space, aesthetic interiors and maximum utilisation of space. Everything has a designated space in a modular kitchen, right from appliances to storage. This makes it easy for the person to reach out to things and prepare food in minimum time. Modular Kitchens have transformed the way people prepare food.

Question 02: What are the benefits of installing a modular kitchen?
Answer 02: There are a range of benefits available to the person who opts for modular kitchen as opposed to traditional format of kitchen. Firstly, modular kitchen makes maximum utilization of space that is available. This makes the kitchen look organized and planned. Secondly, it reduces the time of preparing food as everything is organized and can be reached in minimum time. Thirdly, it is easy to maintain a modular kitchen and take care of things. People find the design of modular kitchen hygienic and well-planned. With a dedicated corner for every activity, modular kitchen gives additional space, allowing more than one person to work simultaneously.

Question 03: How to customize a modular kitchen as per requirements?
Answer 03: The major benefit of getting a modular kitchen is that it offers the scope of customization. In order to get a kitchen as per the requirements, one should begin with preparing a list. This list mentions the number of appliances, type of sink, placement of refrigerator, design of countertops, requirements of accessories and many other things. Every person has a different style to work in the kitchen. A modular kitchen can be modelled on the basis of this style. All the accessories are tailor made to accommodate the wishes of the person. Tailoring the kitchen makes kitchen time fun.

Question 04: Which is better: Branded Modular Kitchen or carpenter-made kitchen?
Answer 04: The choice for a branded vis-a-vis a carpenter made kitchen varies from person to person. It depends upon the mindset of the person as well. The major benefit of a branded modular kitchen is that it offers excellent finish, considering futuristic requirements of the person. In a carpenter made kitchen, the person needs to guide the carpenter or counsel him regarding the designs and the make. A branded modular kitchen utilises every space with an eye for detail. There is no need to choose from the available design options of branded modular kitchen. One can get it customized, based on the individual requirements. Modular kitchen makes effective use of the available space and also looks beautiful.

Question 05: What is the cost of getting Modular Kitchen?
Answer 05: Investing in a modular kitchen is one of the wisest decisions. No longer is modular kitchen considered as an expense, as it is an investment that will be reaped by future generations. There is a huge range of modular kitchens available; one can choose depending upon the requirements. The basic designs of modular kitchens begin from 75000-80000 and increases, depending upon the size of the kitchen and individual needs. One can decide the type of materials, number and kind of accessories, and other things to increase or reduce the cost. The advantage of getting a modular kitchen installed is that it is completely hassle-free and makes cooking fun.

Question 06: How much time is required for installing modular kitchen?
Answer 06: Installing a modular kitchen involves a set of different processes. It begins with visiting the site, measuring the available space, deciding the materials, ordering them, designing as per the requirements and finally ends at installation. All these steps might consume some time. The time required for designing a modular kitchen varies, depending upon a number of factors. However, the end result of installing the modular kitchen is fabulous. Every decision for the modular kitchen should be taken carefully for good results. Irrespective of the time taken, a modular kitchen transforms the entire look of the kitchen space and makes it easy to use.

Question 07: How should one maintain a modular kitchen?
Answer 07: The best thing about modular kitchen is that are practically maintenance-less. The repair and maintenance depends upon the material used in the kitchen. Daily care and concern will elongate the life of the kitchen, making it look beautiful for years together. Firstly, the shutters should be cleaned with dry cloth. The countertop should be cleaned regularly. Different areas, especially the sink area should be kept dry. One should keep a check on the movement of the shutters and report any inconvenience. The cabinets should not be overloaded with objects. All these activities ensure that there is no major problem in the long run.

Question: 08: How to assure working of modular kitchen appliances?
Answer 08: Modular kitchen appliances are designed to make cooking easy and less time consuming. They should be used just like other regular appliances. Regular cleaning ensures that there is no major breakdown. Any spillage on the hob should be cleaned with soft cloth. The appliances should be used as per the directions in the manual. A great value for money, modular kitchen appliances are covered in warranty period by the brand. They should also be serviced by the professionals on regular intervals. If taken care of, they not only make working in the kitchen simple but also fun. These appliances are an integral part of modular kitchen.
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