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Modular Kitchen Hardware & Fittings

Home Décor signifies a large industry that involves planning, designing, installation and maintenance of home appliances and accessories to a greater extent. With modular kitchens replacing the traditional methods of designing kitchen, it becomes equally important to give due importance to the quality and standard of the kitchen fittings and hardware accessories. The better the quality of the appliances longer will be their shelf life and lesser will be the maintenance cost. Kitchen fittings include a broad range of accessories such as shutters, drawers, corner storage systems, pull-out shelves, trolleys, cooktops, wire kitchen holders, dishwashers, carousel, pantry units and cabinets. Hardware accessories comprise of knob, hinge, handles, drawer slides, joinery fittings, kitchen plinth and backsplash profile to name a few.

There are various brands that have a long standing business of kitchen fittings and hardware accessories. Few of these are EBCO, HomeCraft, Mettas Lifestyle, Hafele and Onyx. In the city of Coimbatore, a buyer can also get in touch with several manufactures namely Royal Traders, P Ramaswamy & Sons, Vinayaga Tools & Hardwares, Sai Enterprises and Majisa Hardware to get an initial estimate of the cost involved and to check the quality of the fittings and hardware.

As a buyer it is always suggested to finalize the type of raw material to be used to design all the appliances of a modular kitchen. Wood, marble, steel, granite and glass are few of the commonly used options. Depending on the design, colour, need and budget of the customer the raw material can be decided. However it is essential that the quality of the material is high irrespective of the money invested. If the quality of the materials is not upto the mark, the efficiency of the modular kitchen will be adversely affected. This will infact leave the user with serious problems of maintenance, frequent cooking problems and bad impact on the look of the modular kitchen design.

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