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Modular Kitchen, a concept that aims at redesigning one of the most important areas of the house is proving to be quite beneficial in maintaining and increasing the functionality of kitchens. Modular kitchen involves designing the room with pre-built cabinets, drawers, shelves and other such appliances. So when the discussion is about the cost or expenses involved, the focus moves on to factors such as brand of the modular kitchen, raw material used to design the appliances and size of the room. It is only when the user once finalizes the basic statistics that he or she will be able to figure out the estimated cost involved in installing a modular kitchen.

With the technology available at the fingertips, one can certainly find out the best designers available in the city and compare their price list online. Further details of additional services available after the purchase such as installation will also be mentioned. Hence as a user one can make an analysis according to the budget and proceed ahead. The cost may vary depending on the quality, brand and design of the modular kitchen and its appliances. Appliances like cooktops and chimney may range in the bracket of Rs. 20000 and above. The cost of developing a modular kitchen would range from INR 70000 and above depending upon the requirements. In case of high end brands, the cost of creating and developing a modular kitchen would even land into lakhs. Thus, the more the user opts of high range and high quality products, ultimately the more would be the setup cost of modular kitchen. However it is suggested to always prefer standard quality of appliances over brand. Sometimes even lower brands offer the same schemes as their counterparts but at a comparatively lower price tag.

Since the installation of modular kitchen is not a small deal, it is imperative that every rupee that is about to be spent is wisely done so. During the whole process it is also essential that the user does not get duped by fraudulent people in the market. Hence a thorough research and development is a must before even actually planning the type of design of the modular kitchens.
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